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  • Import and export of Content Server objects.
  • Synchronization between separated Content Server objects.
  • Increase efficiency and decrease your costs immediately.

With iXtreme xml-interLinks almost any object within the OpenText Content Server, such as projects or folders with their subordinate objects, can be exported and imported.

This includes the processing of all Content Server object properties with XML parsers, such as permissions, associated categories and version data. Data can be re-imported into the same or any other Content Server system.

Object types

Application purpose

  • Synchronization of OpenText Content Server objects: One-time or regular synchronization of Content Server objects between separated systems.
  • Creation of data backups of your system: Making of selective backups of single objects, such as folders.
  • Support of the one-time migration of Content Server objects
  • Offline usage of OpenText Content Server content via offline reader: Making Content Server ECM data available in the offline reader with HTML user interface.
  • Application of data templates for export / import of projects: Creation of data templates (e.g. copy projects onto the same or any other Content Server system).
  • Export of a search result. Searching for items - the resulting objects can be used for export.

Your benefit

  • Efficient data migration
    Saves time and personal resources for the migration of data by using the rich import and export functionalities! Moreover enables the efficient data exchange between separated systems in a company!
  • Data consistency by synchronization
    Guarantees the consistency of company data by the help of scheduled synchronization jobs! According to defined job rules data can be synchronized between ECM systems!
  • Availability of Content Server data for offline users
    Provides Content Server data for offline user in a HTML interface! These users can access the existing information - even without server connection.
  • Data protection via backups
    Ensures the protection of your Content Server data, e.g. by data backup jobs!
  • Wide range of import and export functionalities
    Making use of rich options, like "bulk import", "tree-view export", etc.!


  • Time-controlled processing of import and export via Content Server agents.
  • Flexible configuration of the export scope /e.g. to modify date, versions ...) or import permissions (e.g. apply original object permissions ...)
  • Mail notification for successful import and export jobs.
  • Offline-reader for access to exported Content Server ECM structures without connection to the OpenText Content Server.
  • Tree-view allows the selection of single objects for export.
  • Synchronization between OpenText Content Server systems (optional functionality)


OpenText Content Server from version 9.5 - 10.0 - Please ask for the respecitve release notes.

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